Modular Pipe Support System

Quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction

Policy statement

  • We look at the customer orientation as our obligation. We want to help our customers to reduce the cost and time involved in the support planning, procurement and installation considerably.
  • We attach great importance to quality and efficiency – the complete package from planning to installation.
  • Economic success secures the continued existence of our company and therefore the jobs of our employees.
  • Our targets and processes are defined in a way that is transparent, measurable and beneficial for both the company and its employees.
  • We focus on quality “Made in Germany” and thus sustain regional jobs.
  • We use only high quality components and purchased parts from reputable manufacturers.
  • We commit ourselves and our employees to adhere to and further develope our management system, with the aim to increase customer satisfaction.
  • The annual evaluation of our management system serves as the basis for the continuous improvement of our processes.
  • We commit ourselves to train our employees with regard to the rules laid down in our code of conduct, and verify observation of these rules.

The company management