Modular Pipe Support System

The customized modular system


Our customized modular support system for industrial pipelines is an innovative solution to save time and money in plant engineering and construction.

The ideal alternative to conventional welded supports.




Working Loads

Auditable static calculations for about 5600 support and size combinations.

Working loads in accordance with Eurocode 3.

Our System MP-FLEX-140 is the perfect solution for heavy duty applications.

Intelligent CAD-Tools

For improvement of productivity and quality in 3D support design.

Available for AVEVA PDMS/E3D and INTERGRAPH Smart 3D.

Fast and efficient.

Advantages at a glance

  • High efficiency through standardization
  • Combinable with all conventional pipe shoes and clamping systems
  • High loading capacity and torsional strength
  • Form-locked and friction-locked connections available
  • All brackets and girders are made to order with mm accuracy
  • No fixed grid
  • No unnecessary holes and overhangs
  • For each load the suitable size
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Application examples and working loads for support design
  • Available with hot dip galvanizing or powder coating
  • Including EC conformity declaration and inspection certificates 3.1

The smart pipe support solution.