Durable Support Systems for Industrial Applications

Our customised modular support system for industrial piping and components is an innovative solution for reducing costs and shortening deadlines in plant construction and building installation – from planning to assembly.


The MPSS support system offers the solution in forward-looking pipeline construction and for every support application.

With the resource-saving use of torsionally stiff square tubes, MP-FLEX support structures achieve a weight saving of approx. 20 % compared to conventional steel structures made of double-T sections.

Due to customization, MP-FLEX mounts have no unnecessary holes and protrusions, unlike conventional modular systems.

The lower weight saves energy for production, transport and assembly.

The production sites in Germany and Austria ensure short transport routes, jobs and training places, availability and flexibility.


MP-FLEX support structures are available in various system sizes:

MP–FLEX–140 – takes very large loads
MP–FLEX–100 – for the most common applications
MP–FLEX–060 – for fastening of small and medium pipelines

All brackets and supports are available with mm accuracy


Bolted design – for high load capacity
Clamped design – for stepless adjustability


Powder coated or hot dip galvanised finish.


The advantages of our mounting systems at a glance:

MP-FLEX-140 / MP-FLEX-100

  • High economic efficiency through standardisation
  • Combinable with all common pipe supports and clamping systems
  • High load-bearing capacity and torsional rigidity
  • The right size for every load
  • All brackets and supports are available with mm accuracy
  • No fixed length graduation
  • No unnecessary drill holes and protrusions
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Application overviews and structural analysis tables for planning purposes
  • Available with hot-dip galvanising or powder coating
  • Including EC declaration of conformity and material certificates 3.1


  • Lightweight, compact and versatile
  • Components can be used as individual parts or assemblies (can be combined in any way)
  • Can be combined with MP-FLEX-100 and MP-FLEX-140 systems
  • Application overviews and load tables for proper application
  • All brackets and beams are manufactured to order and mm-precise
  • Fastening screws with anti-rotation locks to facilitate mounting (without counter plates)
  • Available in hot-dip galvanized finish or with powder coating


All MP-FLEX components and connections were designed and verified with RFEM according to Eurocode 3.

Verifiable structural calculations are available for over 6,000 bracket and size combinations.

If required, we can provide you with verifiable structural calculations according to Eurocode 3 for special constructions.


More than 160 different components enable a precisely fitting solution for every mounting situation. The assemblies can be expanded as required and convince the user with unlimited planning freedom.


Of course, MP-FLEX designs can also be combined with other support products.

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